We offer our customers these benefits:

A favourable price: We purchase large quantities and therefore achieve favourable product-prices and freight quotes. 

Credible and reliable quality control:  We spend more than 100 days annually in Asia in order to optimize quality and price. We operate with many different suppliers and therefore are always able to find the producer and supplier that best can produce and deliver the products according to your wishes and specifications.  

Easy handling and management of orders: All transport, custom clearance and delivery is coordinated by HH Components ApS.

Time savings: HH Components ApS has the daily contact to the production company throughout the entire process untill the products are delivered to the customer.

No currency risk: HH Components ApS purchases and invoices in Euros. Customers therefore avoid currency risk.

Lower capital tie-up: HH Components ApS offers their clients a more continuous flow of goods and our clients have the benefit of lower capital tie-up.

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