How the sourcing process is done:

When a customer wants to buy/source a product, HH Components ApS and the customer jointly obtain the following:

  • Drawings with specification of dimensions and description of requirements for the material
  • Pictures of the product
  • Indication of output quantities
  • Requirements for product and packaging 
  • Preferably a product sample 

HH Components ApS then contacts the suppliers and selects the manufacturer, who offers an adequate price-to-quantity-ratio.

The offer phase typically lasts 1-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the product and material. If the offer is accepted by the customer a product sample is produced and inspected by HH Components ApS or our Chinese partner before being shipped to the customer.

When the customer approves of the sample, the order can be placed with HH Components ApS.

During production HH Components ApS or our Chinese partner continuous control the products compliance. A final inspection of all conditions, dimensions and requirements is made before shipment from the manufacturer.

HH Components ApS takes care of every part of the shipment and customer clearance and delivers to customers' premises.