Cultural understanding is important

Trade with e.g. China can result in a long and winding road up and down hill, if you are not familiar with the Chinese culture.

HH Components ApS' understanding of the cultural differences between e.g. China and Denmark/Western Europe is part of the basis for a succesful outcome. We are convinced, that this knowledge provides our customers greater opportunities in order to satisfy their expectations of price, quality and delivery.

To get the best results from trade with Chinese companies, it is especially important to be aware of the cultural differences between China and Western Europe. In China you do not speak as openly. Politeness and respect are much more important than we Western Europeans are accustomed to.   

The typical Chinese company is controlled top-down and it is dominated by few people with great power. Employees in the organization carry out the assigned tasks, and are generally less independent, than we are accustomed to in Western Europe. This places high demands to the daily communication as we Western Europeans tend to take many things for granted. The requirements for the level of detail are much higher than for trade between e.g. two Western European companies. The ordinary employee in the organization typically does what is requested - no more and no less - and without asking questions.