The key to good quality

The key to good quality depends on a large extent to:

  • Detailed product specifications
  • Continuous presence at the manufacturer
  • Daily contact with the manufacturer
  • Clear requirements to the manufacturer
  • Knowledge & evaluation of the manufacturers' potential
  • Common understanding of quality requirements 

In case of customer specific products it is essential that you are able to describe the product in detail through drawings, specifications of material and packaging instructions. It is important to give the Chinese supplier a thorough understanding of the European industries essential quality requirements.

When companies talk about quality in Western Europe many things are obvious. However, when starting cooperation with a Chinese partner it is essential that we have clarified the requirements for production and the use of specific productions equipment, packing requirements etc. and it is equally important that the new partner gets a clear understanding of these requirements.   

It is essential for good future cooperation, that the company realizes that a Chinese partner does exactly what he is told to do - and maybe most important: He does not do anything he has not been told to.

HH Components ApS makes the final quality control before shipment either by our own or in cooperation with our Chinese partners.