Cooperation is key to our shared success

  • Close dialogue 
    • Through close dialogue, we identify what your needs are in terms of quality, design, standard and any special requirements, thereby creating a basis for shared success.
  • Quality
    • The quality is defined and adjusted throughout the process to ensure that we choose the right supplier who is able to meet our expectations.
    • Drawings and any parts lists are either prepared by HH Components or we can use existing drawings provided by you.
  • Easy ordering:
    •  Transport, customs clearance and delivery are coordinated by HH Components.
  • Timesaving: 
    • HH Components is in daily contact with the manufacturer through our office in Denmark or our office in Shanghai.
    • All products are introduced to the chosen supplier, and a sample is made to ensure that it meets quality and design requirements before final production starts.
    • By virtue of our experience and our dedicated team, we are the bridge between the European company and the company in China.
  • Zero currency risk
    • HH Components buys and invoices in DKK or EUR, eliminating any currency risk for your company.
  • Lower capital tie-up
    • Our many years of doing business with our suppliers in China allows HH Components to offer our European customers a continuous flow of goods. Whether you are looking for weekly, monthly or yearly deliveries, we have a solution to meet your needs.
  • Favourable pricing
    • Our current volume and supplier base in China allow us to source products that meet your requirements in terms of quality, delivery and documentation, and at the same time ensure that you save money.