Cultural awareness is important

HH Components has a deep understanding of the cultural differences between China and Europe. We respect those differences and use them actively.

Our cultural awareness has played a major role in the success of our business over the past 13 years – we are convinced that the understanding and knowledge we have are instrumental in our partners having their expectations met.

Doing business with China can seem like a long and winding road, uphill and downhill, to those not thoroughly acquainted with Chinese business etiquette.

At HH Components, it is an ongoing process of ours to develop a better understanding of the suppliers we choose. We do this by making regular visits to China from Denmark 6–8 times a year and through our office in Shanghai.

From order to delivery

Our logistics department takes care of all matters concerning your order from the time you place it to delivery.


  • Daily contact with suppliers and shipping agents
  • Overview of ship departures and arrivals from China
  • Follow-up on deliveries from suppliers
  • Preparation of all customs documents
  • Choice of HS codes for customs clearance
  • Final information about delivery date, 5–6 weeks before delivery
  • Preparation of delivery information for purchasing and receipt of goods
  • Forwarding of material certificates as required
  • Quality control of delivery