Welcome to HH Components ApS

- Partnership is the path to success

  •  Let us become your company’s external purchasing department with a focus on procurement in China.
  •  The number of units is no limitation – anything from 5–100,000 pcs. is possible.
  •  Customised products made according to your drawings and specifications.
  •  Reap the benefits of the volume of others through collaborative logistics.
  •  Take advantage of our contacts and experience in a fruitful collaboration with our suppliers.
  •  Deliveries according to your company’s needs.

Partnership it the key

Your purchasing partner

HH Components serves as an external purchasing department in China for several manufacturers and wholesalers in Europe. Over the past 12 years, we have built up such a large purchasing volume that we receive deliveries from China every week. The deliveries are then distributed to our partners all over Europe.

There is no minimum or maximum order quantity on individual orders as our shipments go ahead regardless.

Today, HH Components has customers who purchase anything from 5 to 100,000 units. Whatever the size of your order volume, it will be handled via our existing logistics set-up.

HH Components originally focused on processed standard components in stainless steel, but today, there is no limit to the type of products we can supply. Through our office in Shanghai and our extensive network of suppliers in China, we are able to source the products that your purchasing department requests. 

HH Components ApS’ current focus is on sourcing suppliers who can give us and our partners an attractive purchasing advantage.